Women’s Shearling Coat

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Whatever the occasion, your shearling coat stands out among your wardrobe essentials. Its comfortable nature takes nothing away from the sophisticated touch it brings to any outfit. Explore our collection of women’s shearling coats crafted from the highest quality sheepskin and wool.

A Stylish Shearling Coat to Brave the Winter Cold



To ward off the cold on the iciest winter’s days, your women’s shearling coat will be your worthiest companion. You might be wondering what shearling is, exactly, or how to tell genuine sheepskin apart. How can you make sure your coat is of the highest quality? 


Shearling is a material used in the crafting of sheepskin and wool or lambskin and leather clothing. It is renowned for its warmth, comfort, and softness, guaranteeing the most luxurious feel. 


Opting for a Rouje shearling coat means choosing a unique piece created from high-quality leather that will last for many years. Nothing can withstand the test of time quite like shearling, fur coats, and leather jackets. Yours will keep you toasty throughout the winter, and you’ll enjoy wearing a garment made with the utmost care. Thanks to its unrivalled insulating properties, your women’s shearling coat will make you feel all warm and cozy wherever you go. 



Wrap Up Warm in a Shearling Coat by Rouje



Immensely versatile, shearling coats are ever-fashionable, timeless pieces. The same goes for the oh-so-classic leather jacket, long coat, and corduroy jacket. 


Our selection of shearling coats features lovely, exquisitely crafted models. Each coat is the product of a long process and is specifically designed to meet your every need. 


At Rouje, we’re all about diversity, so we make sure to offer an array of cuts for coats that will suite every preference. Fitted, loose, with or without buttons, hooded… Express your personality through an elegant leather coat. 


Opting for one of our shearling coats means choosing a durable, functional, and chic garment with multiple qualities. Step into your confidence and femininity with a shearling coat that reflects the woman you want to be. 

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