Rouje is about a very personal vision of beauty, down to the very name:
Jeanne decided to marry her signature red (rouge) lipstick, with the first letter of her name. In 2018, she unveiled a line of beauty essentials for the lips. A free and colorful take on beauty, enclosed in golden cases.

A “bitten lip” effect, blurry finishes, a pared-down look: chez Rouje, we use makeup instinctively and apply it with our fingers, to reveal rather than hide. Because beauty has more than just one facet and is often imperfect.

At the beginning, there’s some rouge (red), bien sûr. The color you hear in the brand’s name, the color that draws you to the lips. Throughout the years, the palette has expanded to include bold hues and delicate nudes. All the shades are a nod to the Rouje team: Isabelle, Alix, Nathalie… They are all named after the women behind the brand.

Powdery or creamy textures, matte or bright finishes, hydrating formulas: each product is designed by our team of beauty experts. The entire line is cruelty free and will use 100% clean ingredients in the next 2 years - because we strive for constant improvement.

One can easily recognize our iconic cases embossed with our signature “R”, impaired from the Art Déco aesthetic and the elegance of the 70’s. All of our products are made in France, Italy or Germany.



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